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2010 Modification Motor Sporty Yamaha Mio Soul

2010 Modification Motor Sporty Yamaha Mio Soul

2010 Modification Motor Sporty
2010 Modification Motor Sporty
2010 Modification Motor Sporty
2010 Modification Motor Sporty
In concept, 2010 Modification Motor Sporty custom made Yamaha Mio Soul Subagio from B Co, Denpasar was considered very radical. Original look of the Mio Soul lost already, that there is now like a motor show concept that was displayed in the arena of international motor show. Fantastis.518903

"I wanted to launch his own works completely different. Indeed skubek sports theme is not new. But I still want to try to form his own," the spirit of workmanship skubek Subagio tell this early.

All of the new body is created using galvanized plate. But if the note had a front like Jupiter MX 135LC. "Indeed I have taken the model of the MX," said the man from Malang, East Java.

Bagio certainly have a special reason behind this selection. "After all the manufacturer's design, so it can be taken a little tug model bodinya line. Got the MX shape is very sporty, fit with my concept," added the father of two children.

By design body that pointy-pointy MX was a reference made a new shape. Look at the start of the sharp front to back. To the front there seems to be even horns on the handlebars. It seems, was ready nyeruduk?

Meanwhile, for the body, including the brave Bagio with a perforated design. "Because in this way will create a modern impression and will definitely make people curious," added the owner of the shop on Jl. Pulo bangin, No. 10, Denpasar.

You could say a bold move because it was perforated display is not supported even in a solid part. Instead of the battery cable channels show a little bit messy. Of course, this actually could be a weakness.

Input for B Co, probably more sip Adibbentuk like this if the empty body highlight the robustness of the machine or made more orderly.


Standard dimensions or wheel base Mio Soul felt still less with the concept of the desired radical Bagio. Therefore, he feels the need also to perform the installation turned-retreat. "Not too long anyway, is 15 cm only," said Bagio who had three years to move to Bali.

With long-distance condition, the motor automatically becomes look bigger. Especially after the custom rims with wide reach 5 inches mounted on the rear wheels.

Wide rim trick can be ascertained it was compatible with prolonged skubek tongkrongan bongsor wheel. "Particularly the concept skubek strived to remain there, Just look for the jockey who still use such a container deck for a foothold," point to this being built man.

DATA 2010 Modification Motor Sporty:

Front rim: Custom 3x14 inches
Tire front: 120/60-14 Tire Deli
Rear rim: 5x14 inches
Airs next: Yoshimura
B Co: 0813-5327-8694

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