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2013 BMW X6 Reviews - Pictures

2013 BMW X6 Reviews - Pictures

Here is the BMW X6. You can look at reviews, specs, prices & pictures BMW X6 in here. The BMW X6 is a vehicle the German automaker has dubbed a sport activity vehicle – or SAV – and now for the first time BMW will offer the X6 in hybrid form as the X6 ActiveHybrid. As the BMW X6 readies for debut in concept form at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, BMW marketing have given the approval for all active X6 prototypes to shed more of their camouflage to a level never seen before.
2013 BMW X6 Front View
The 2013 BMW X6 a love that breaks the traditional barriers and incorporates other seemingly mutually exclusive characteristics, while other reviewers loathe Hefti unique combination of bulk and the vehicle’s high performance aspects of it.
2013 BMW X6 Interior
BMW X6 interior comfort, on the other hand, probably will not be retooled. Very few reviewers complain managed reasonably wide leather seats, audio control panel, power doors, mirrors, and smooth and pleasurable driving experience in the collection of other accessories. The only downside is a bit monotonous and Bland Interior paneling, an ideal of aesthetic experience is to detract.
2013 BMW X6 Engine
Expected engines include the 3.0 liter bi-turbo Inline 6 cylinder in petrol and diesel form making 305hp and 286hp respectively in addition to the 355hp 4.8 liter V8. Rumors have also been circulating about a 420hp turbo V8 to compete with Audi, Mercedes and Porsche.
2013 BMW X6 Rear View
Priced 2013 BMW X6 from $89,900, the gasoline-electric version of the luxury SAV carries a hefty premium over the X6 xDrive50i, but it does include most of the goodies in the standard V8′s Premium Package.

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