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Comparison of Ninja 250 and R125

Comparison of Ninja 250 and R125

Victory motorcycles
Yamaha YZF R125:
  • Looks incredibly good
  • That would be a good fuel economy
  • Full bike size that may or may not be better because they have to adapt to a bigger bike later

Kawasaki Ninja 250R:
  • Still looks good for a bike learner
  • Nice amount of power
The purpose for the bike I choose will be for a little fun and maybe commuting to work a few days. In my mind now is the motor that is almost a tie and thus would like to hear from people on this forum who have had a good bike, know someone who has had a good bike or just want to consider in the discussion and hopefully get some of your wisdom

So what I want to know is, in your opinion, which will become a better learner bike?

Is Yamaha YZF R125 has a strength enough to make me happy until the day comes that I can choose to upgrade to a more powerful motorcycle (600cc or 1000cc)?

Do Yahama YZF R125 has enough power to safely ride on the highway and toll road where the speed limit is 100 km / h and 110km / h, although most of my ride most will be done around the streets huh

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