13 Kasım 2011 Pazar

Display Toyota Fortuner 2012

Display Toyota Fortuner 2012

When PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) has released a new Hilux engine with a new look, we suspect that future generations will carry the Fortuner Hilux new faces. Allegations became a reality after Thailand launched the Toyota Fortuner 2012.

Display Toyota Fortuner 2012
Both vehicles are made on the basis of the same platform. Even if you want a little naughty, we can mention the Fortuner as a station wagon version of its Hilux. Fortuner 2012 brings a new look similar to the Hilux.

Starting from the front with new chrome display, with tiered giril like razor blades. In addition, the Fortuner is also equipped with alloy velek options, like-refinement in the interior instrument panel pad and some other fittings.

In Thailand, the Fortuner is available in a choice of two engines namely diesel-powered units 163 hp 3.0-liter and 2.5-liter unit that is able to present the 144 hp. Exact machine new Toyota Hilux which was launched in Indonesia recently.

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