6 Aralık 2011 Salı

Favorite Sport Bike New Yamaha Byson 150


Favorite Sport Bike New Yamaha Byson 150

Byson carrying 153 cc engines or larger than the V-Ixion, 149.8 cc. Of technology, the fuel supply system, V-Ixion more sophisticated, injection. While still relying Byson carburetor. Hence, the price is cheaper than expected V-Ixion.
New%2BYamaha%2BByson%2B2010%2Bindonesia Favorite Sport Bike New Yamaha Byson 150[New+Yamaha+Byson+2010.jpg]
FZ identity, or later transformed into Byson, using Monoshock suspension technology (Yamaha call monocross) with the special characteristics Muffler MidShip large

According to Yamaha, this design provides weight concentration of a better and efficient exhaust gas. Stable control for use in 140/60-17 rear tire.

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